The Call to Missions 1 / Documentary

Children of the Genocide / Rwanda
Vision impaired orphanage / Zelenogorsk, Russia
Shepherds in the northern mountains of Afghanistan
Two girls in a Tent city / Haiti
Border family / US - Mexico border
Twa children / Burundi
Twa tribal dance / Burundi
Street children of Zambia
Children at play in Indonesian fishing village
Men’s prison Philippines
Two prisoners / Philippines
Payatas dump children Philippines
'Slumdog' children of Mumbai, India
Woman on roadside dying of AIDS / Mumbai, India
Lepers / Pune, India
Hopelessness - becoming a better beggar / Mumbai, India
Man dying of AIDS / Zambia
Toba Indian child / Argentina
Mother with child / Guatemala
Tent city / Haiti
A Boy and his Chihuahua / Medellin, Colombia
Orphans playing in the Sea / Mozambique
Auca Indian tribe / Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador
Children of Garbage City / Cairo, Egypt
Boy monks / Myanmar
Shepherd / Romania
Man with Bomb / Bosnia
Gauchos in the mountains / Guatemala
men in outdoor market / northern Afghanistan
Youth Prison / St. Petersburg, Russia
Glue addicts on the streets of St Petersburg, Russia
The CALL to Missions Living the Book of Acts